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NENA September Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2021

7 pm

  1. Welcome and Announcements - Andrew (President)

  2. Review Meeting Minutes from Last Meeting - June

  3. Motion: To approve the minutes as posted on the NENA website

  4. Second: Annabel

  5. Carried

  6. Environment Committee Update - Jon

  7. No Update - Committee did not meet over the summer

  8. Planning & Traffic Committee Update - Herman

  9. Sunset Garden & Simcoe Tot Lot

  10. The community garden team on the Simcoe Tot Lot approached the NENA planning and traffic committee to help save the tot lot. After much review and discussion the NENA planning committee recommends that NENA support and assist in the protection of the Simcoe Tot Lot.

  11. Motion by Herman: That NENA supports and assists in the protections of the Simcoe Tot Lot.

  12. Second: Andrew

  13. Carried

  14. NENA Consulting on Jamesville Developments

  15. Motion by Herman: NENA write a letter to the City of Hamilton and advise them that NENA should be a part of the commenting agencies assigned to this file, as part of the planning process and a consultant before staff reports are made. NENA will also ask that the Jamesville project be an open file development.

  16. Second: Patricia

  17. Carried

  18. Financial Report - Andrew

  19. Curtis is on vacation so Andrew provided the report

  20. North Ender of the Year Award - the North End Breezes asked that we cover $55 of the plaque

  21. Motion by Andrew: To pay North End Breezes $55 to cover half of the plaque for the North Ender of the Year Award

  22. Second: Annabel

  23. Carried

  24. Community Engagement Update

  25. We need someone to write the articles each month for the North End Breezes. This article is a recap of the monthly NENA meeting

  26. Sheri made an announcement asking for help to deliver the North End Breezes. Please let her know if you would like to help.

  27. Library Committee - Robert

  28. No update

  29. Other Business

  30. December 2021 we will need to elect new Executive Positions, if you are interested please let us know

  31. Tents in the North End

  32. Jason Farr is aware of the tents and has been approached by many members from our community about it.

  33. We sold a few t-shirts on our website and owe the Breezes some money

  34. Bus into Bayfront Park

  35. Motion by Jon: Where as the enjoyment of Bayfront Park by residents across the city has noticeably increased during COVID and increasing demand for parking, we request that the City of Hamilton explore expanding HSR service into the lower park.

  36. Second: Sheri

  37. Carried

  38. Speed Bump - Harbourfront Drive

  39. Motion by Jon: Where as traffic on Harbourfront Drive descending into Bayfront Park has increased recently and the 20 km/hr speed limit rarely adhered to, we request that a speed hump be placed halfway down the hill to force motorists to reduce speed.

  40. Second: Sandra

  41. Carried (19-1)

  42. Electrical Outlets for Food Trucks - Bayfront Park

  43. Motion by Jon: Where as the food trucks providing food to visitors at Bayfront Park use gas generators to provide their electricity, constantly emitting CO2 and fine particulates into the surrounding neighbourhood, we request that the city explore the feasibility of installing electrical outlets that the food trucks could utilize.

  44. Second: Sheri

  45. Carried

  46. Emily from HOPA came to say hello and listen into the meeting

  47. They got a new sign

  48. Theodore has been a great hit

  49. The Pathfinder has been bought and will be brought to Hamilton and provide youth camps

  50. There will be a HOPA picnic table at Compass Point

  51. Close Meeting

  52. Motion by: Andrew

  53. Second: Sarah

  54. Carried

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