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Pier 8 Site & Promenade Park Under Construction
- Development Lots Sold
- OMB Appeal Settlement Approved 
- Proposal for Waterfront Tower Under Review

The pier 8 waterfront development has been in the works for many years now. The permitter of the pier along with its internal streets and parkway will remain city land while a developer has been chosen to purchase 9 development blocks for commercial and residential buildings. The permitter park, called the promenade park, is currently under construction and the internal roads were recently completed. 

For various reasons, including a vast increase in the number of residential units allowed, the development was appealed by various parties to the Ontario Municipal Board. The appeal has since been settled and the settlement includes provisions for a higher percentage of family-sized units on the pier in exchange for a taller residential building/tower on block 16 (near the waterfront skating rink). The varying height of the building permitted will determine the number of additional family sized units the developer must incorporate into the rest of pier 8 (it cannot exceed 45 stories) without increasing the overall number of units on the pier. More information on the block 16 opportunity study can be found on the city website at:

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