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Pier 6/7 Site Preparation Under Construction
- Development Lots for Sale
- Construction of boardwalk under way
- Art installation at the bottom of James Street expected spring 2022

Piers 5/6/7 are currently under construction in preparation for the sale of predetermined commercial lots. There will be retail shops, a boardwalk, and small hotel between the water and Guise Street at the end of James Street. The shoreline work has commenced and the old police marine unit building and large boat shed have been removed. The waterside board walk is now open to the public however bridges are yet to be placed making the connection west of the new gas dock only accessible from the west side past the RHYC.

Information & Resources

As the first and second phases of the pier 6/7 development continue we will try to update the community here on what is happening. See some information below:

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