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Committee Report on Re-Zoning of James St. North

During the summer of 2020, committee members paired up to study existing planning documents that currently govern how new developments are evaluated by the City along our "Main Street" here in the North End. The committee's goal was to determine if current approved development guidelines might serve as a roadmap for the city's re-zoning of James Street North. Members studied the existing Setting Sail Secondary Plan, Hamilton's Corridor Policy, and the provincially mandated Mobility Hub Study that all apply to James Street North as a starting point for determining a new comprehensive zoning plan. It was the conclusion of the committee to recommend NENA encourage the city to adopt the core elements of these three existing frameworks in their re-zoning of James Street North in order to avoid continued evaluation of individual development proposals on an ad-hoc (one proposal at a time) basis. You can find our Planning Committee Report and leave your comments below.

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