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NENA April Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 09, 2021 - 7 pm

1. Welcome – Andrew

2. Meeting Minutes Reviewed and Approved

a. Motion: Pass and approve the minutes of the last meeting – Jon

b. Second: Andrew

c. 13 – 0 – Carried

3. Environmental Committee Update – Jon Davey

a. Approached by the Hamilton Spectator in regard to the CN rail yard and the train idling

b. Tree Give-A-Way – Moved to the fall

c. Pollinator Workshop in the works with a fellow Environmental committee member

4. Planning and Traffic Update

a. Design Review Committee will be meeting on April 8, 2021 about the 45 Storey building on Pier 8. You can view it on the Public Record - ttps://

b. 600 James St. N

i. LPAT has made a decision on April 7, 2021

ii. Not the decision that we had hoped for

iii. More information on the NENA Website

c. Traffic Counting as started in different locations

i. If you see a traffic counter, please let us know

d. James St. Official Plan Amendment

i. $1,500 fee has yet to be waived

e. Severance that we sent about Wood St. was a day late; so we will see what happens

i. Committee of Adjustment denied the severance

f. Laneway Housing had been approved by the city of Hamilton

g. To reduce the monstrosity of homes, Ancaster has reduced the height zoning by-law. This might be something that we want to consider.

5. Financial Report

a. Sold 1 t-shirt

b. Is there need for finances for the group? Is there membership fees?

i. No fees at the time

c. NENA has received grants for the Breezes and the Website

d. Chris – Breezes Board Member

i. Delivers $.16/copy to deliver door-to-door

ii. Breezes currently in the black

iii. Board meeting on April 13, 2021; If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to bring up

iv. What is the online readership? Unknown at this time.

v. Looking for Breezes Board Members

vi. Looking at creating paper depots around the neighbourhood, where people can pick up a paper if they want it.

6. Communications

a. Working with Breezes on the North Ender Award

b. Website – Regularly updated

i. Committee Chairs have access to update their section

ii. We are interested in selling artist

c. Next Door

i. A new communication tool

ii. Data Mining?

7. Library Committee – No Update

8. Vandalism and Community Police

a. Egging; Throwing Stones; Ripping up the little library; Trashing Sobi Bikes; Stacking tables in Pier 4 and thrown in the water; Macaulay St. W – Fire on their porch

b. Young Boys – Ages 10 -13

c. Officers suggest that you put up video camera to help identify the individuals

d. Catharine St. N – Porch was on fire Thursday Night; filled the house with smoke

e. Andrew will reach out to the police to increase awareness

f. Hamilton Community Officer – to engage proactively with the youth in our neighbourhood; Invite the officer to a NENA meeting

g. What is the neighbourhood does for youth? Are there programs?

i. What about a skate park in the North End?

h. Jason Farr has also been contacted about this issue.

9. Billboard Project – Jeanne and Conrad

a. John and Barton – 57 Barton St. E; The Butcher and the Vegan Building

b. Asking people in the community to make videos to be projected on a 146 ft Billboard

i. Videos can be 5 mins long

ii. Run as an art event; curated, not edited

c. Working with schools and youth; share what they are going through, how COVID has impacted them; how they can contribute to the community

d. For more information connect with Jeanne Fries

10. Marina Towers

a. There is a Vacancy flag, does that mean that there were a lot of evictions?

11. Next Meeting – May 5, 2021

12. Close the Meeting

a. Robert motions

b. Andrew seconds the motion

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