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NENA Meeting Minutes - May 4, 2022

(Meeting held on Zoom)


  • Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines

Review of past minutes

  • Motion of acceptance (Andrew), seconded (Herman) – approved

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

  • Alley clean up complete and successful – 10 bags collected

  • Clean up also got people out in community and socializing

  • An article is being prepared to the Breeze’s about e-bikes

  • Residents along Burlington St have noticed a powder (sugar / floor) on cars, reached out for resources and contacts of who to speak with

  • There is an electric vehicle charging point at the Port Authority Building

  • The City is currently reviewing e-scooter requirements

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

  • Concern raised about Pier article by NENA in Breeze, intended to provide information on background, how we got here and status

  • NENA encourages feedback / discussion about Pier development with our association, community and City

  • Final decision / approval by City Planning / Design Review Panel not NENA

  • NENA has previously discussed / agreed with LPAT settlement for a tower reached by Harbour West Neighbours (HWN) for lower overall building height on remaining buildings across the site

  • It appears the City does take the settlement seriously

  • Gusise St residents were welcomed at last meeting – no one attended

  • As part of the Pier agreement John Street will be getting upgrades / features such as bike lanes and extension to water

  • Discussion if a conversion of Victoria and Wellington help create a better flow of traffic, development and reduce pollution (less stop & starting)

  • Changing roads doesn’t mean reduced traffic people find an alternates

  • Sunset Garden signs are being set out again and still some being removed

  • Signs are still available from Alison for pick-up an installation if wanted

  • NENA will contact City to see results of last years traffic study

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

  • NENA grant request cheque from the City has been deposited

Library & Community Update – Robert

  • NENA always looking for updates / events / information about the northend for posting on our social media

  • Is there interest in creating a name for the Pier tower NENA can use in public information, discussion going forward

Other Business / Updates

  • Breeze is currently running a 50/50 raffle and having Party June 18, 2022 see website for information and tickets

  • St. Lawrence Church is currently running a spring 50/50 raffle contact the Church for information and tickets

  • Sunset Garden group is organizing a paint in the garden on May 21

  • City of Hamilton engage website has information / surveys looking for feedback on upcoming projects (

  • City of Hamilton is currently taking requests on-line for its free tree giveaway and a June tree pick-up

  • Council elections are coming up please review the candidates and issue affecting the northend

  • Everyone welcome at our meetings for open discussion / input


  • Motion to close meeting (Andrew), seconded (Robert) – approved

Next Meeting

  • June 1, 2022 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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