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NENA – General Association Meeting - October 4, 2023

Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2023

(Meeting held on Zoom)


• Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines

Review of past minutes

• No past minutes for September not currently finalize / posted

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

• No new update regrading environmental programs

• It has been noticed and seen that trains are idling less

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

• Jamesville approval between the City and Developer has been appealed by CN and is currently in hearings.

• Cameron to be approached for an update on Sunset Garden

• Burlington St redevelopment is schedule to include new / updated sewers, sanitary services and traffic calming measures.

• A walking tour of Burlington St and local side streets recently took place between members of this committee and City (staff & councillor) to understand current design, concerns and how to improve.

• Desire is to have more complete streets with reduced noise

• The City is proposing adding a traffic light to the corner of James St & Burlington St and at the James St GO Station for better traffic safety.

• The City is looking at installing video radar on James St and Burlington St.

• Road safety is greatly improved with increased public transportation.

• Residents want to understand the roll of the Police in the north-end to be more visual, present and know what policies are being used.

• There is concerns about preventing, stopping and reporting crime.

• NENA Board will invite a Police representative to our next meeting for an open discussion, answer questions and provide firsthand update.

• The City is working with developers to get updates on project sites that are currently fenced in our neighbourhood but need more information from developers about SPA and approval status.

• Discussion with City is on-going regarding NENA being part of notification list, to give input / participate during approvals and remove NIMBY or LPAT

• Should or can NENA volunteer as a group or join with others to support

and help people living in tents or local encampments?

• Current situation is larger than NENA, with roots for increased numbers of

local encampments due to numerous support and services being in the

north-end / lower City.

• The north-end is looking for greater engagement from the City.

• Are there outreach options / programs that can be accessed or provide

by all levels of government similar to previous wartime initiatives?

• Concern extends to people living in cars as well as tents

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

• Grant approvals require receipts be sent to City were applicable.

• Motion made to donate $50.00 to St. Lawrence Church – Nibbles & Bids

fundraiser as done last year (Motion – Andrew, second Sandra, Approved)

Community Engagement Update / Discussion

• No update about Library

• There is a concern discussed about people who don’t identify themselves

at our meetings and if they should be able to participate in voting.

• We want to have an open discussion with input from people who want a

stronger north-end and live in the neighbourhood.

Other Business / Updates

• The City is holding meeting meetings for propose LRT stations areas

(information at – October 10 & 12 & 17, 2023)

• There is a community planned meeting to discuss and ask questions of the

proposed HATS project in a “speakers corner” format

(Pilot site location – October 11, 2023)

• The City has started recruitment for the Committee of Adjustment

(information at

• The City has started recruitment for the Mayors Taskforce on Transparency

(information at


• Motion to close meeting (Andrew), seconded (Deborah) – approved

Next Meeting

• November 1, 2023 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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