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NENA – General Association Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2022

(Meeting held on Zoom)


• Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines

• Review of past minutes

• Motion of acceptance (Andrew), seconded (Sandra) – approved

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

• April 23, 2022 is the alley and track clean-up

• Jon & Sherri are preparing an environmental column for the Breeze

• Fuel tanks on Gus Street are public and used for boat refueling

• The north-end is pedestrian friendly due to design measures and speed reduction, a letter to Jason Farr supporting continued measures was discussed

• 30Km/h makes our neighbourhood unique, is there a concern of a speed increase with surrounding areas (Corktown) becoming 40km/h or being forced to change

• Ask the Hamilton Police to increase patrols / visibility through neighbourhood, Andrew will reach out to contact.

• With projects occurring was a truck route for construction vehicles discussed with NENA. Not currently but Herman will reach out to contacts for determine what is prepared

• Traffic lights along Burlington Street aren’t synced, if they were it would reduce pollution, off gassing and created better traffic flow.

• The idea of a NENA car free Saturday was raised / discussed to get people out, meeting each other and mobile with streets open

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

• The proposed 45 storey tower at Pier 8 raises concern from some members of the neighbourhood regarding height and density

• A petition has been started by Guise Street residents due to views and proximity, an invitation will be extended for the group to join the next Planning meeting to hear / discuss concerns

• Jamesville demolition is underway committee to request and meet with Developer for a progress update

• Save our Park (Sunset Garden) initiative still on going and proceeding. Currently no feedback / response from City about sign locations.

• Concern raised that Pier 8 tower article in the Breeze may seem or was heavy handed implying families are focus of development over seniors and singles. When seniors and singles maybe more involved as families are internally focused

• An overview of the past agreements and LPAT settlement was given for everyone to understand the background of the tower, as outlined in the Breeze article

• Concern raised asking that people understand the tower proposal and do their own research to be on the right side of history.

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

• NENA grant request to the City has been approved and issued

Other Business / Updates

• Because Beer Festival ( takes place on July 15 & 16 at Pier 4 Park. Brian wants make people are aware for traffic / noise and hopefully NENA can be involved on events / uses in our area (Brian)

• People in the neighbourhood have received visits and tickets from City by-law officials regarding blue box and green bin storage. An article for the Breeze is being prepared to update people (Sheri)

• St. Lawrence Church is now fully open and holding events (Andrew)

• Sunset Garden group is organizing a paint night (May 21) in the garden to paint tulips and surround area (Sandra)

• Sunset Garden group is organizing a moon watch party (April 16)


• Motion to close meeting (Sandra), seconded (Robert) – approved

Next Meeting

• May 4, 2022 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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