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NENA – General Association Meeting - October 5, 2022

Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2022

(Meeting held on Zoom)


  • Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines

Review of past minutes

  • Minutes of September meeting were not posted, will be by Robert / Sarah

  • Tree trimming and hill clearing discussion

  • Twitter had numerous comments / concerns about work

  • City has heard complaints / logged issues from residents

  • Concern work done without care or down to grade

  • Concern about perception of NENA being against trees with letting the cutting happen and allowing it

  • Environmental Committee (Jon) to reach out and coordinate with the City for care going forward

  • Jon / Curtis to coordinate a meeting with City Forestry / Planning to discuss work and include NENA when a date set

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

  • Pier 5 – 7 current designs show area as all paving

  • Currently there are piles of paving stones on site

  • No feedback or consultation with the public about design

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

  • Design for Jamesville was accepted by the City after discussion behind closed doors, without input or feedback from NENA

  • Decision to appeal were not sent out as presentation were not in person

  • Currently there is one appeal from the public, NENA looking to join with that individual, Robert coordinating with the City for contact information

  • NENA still open and wanting to talk with developer for resolution

  • NENA reason for appeal are:

  • Overall building height

  • Overall amount of green space (places to play / interact)

  • Street presence

  • Distance between buildings (Townhomes)

  • No update regarding James and Burlington development

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

  • No fundraising or expenses recently

  • Current fees / coordination from Walk the Block o $1,200.00 (signs) & $3,900.00 (refreshments)

  • Alternate fundraising being done to offset costs (Herman)

  • NENA not paying invoices only holding / transferring funds

  • Routine account fee ($3.00) taken from account

Community Engagement Update / Discussion

  • Minutes to be resent for posting

  • Eastwood Arena will not have ice this year, Curtis talking with City

  • Engage Hamilton currently has survey regarding Discovery Centre

  • With new development should are diversify sporting options from hockey to soccer and basketball

Other Business / Updates

  • City council voting takes place on October 24, 2022

  • St Lawrence Church holding Nibbles & Bidds fundraiser the evening of November 4, 2022, contact the Church for tickets

  • Community food drive takes place on October 15, 2022


  • Motion to close meeting (Andrew), seconded (Robert) – approved

Next Meeting

  • November 2, 2022 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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