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Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2022

(Meeting held on Zoom)


• Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines Review of past minutes

• Motion of acceptance (Andrew), seconded (Herman) - approved

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

• Currently the trail is closed for maintenance and work

• People have expressed concern about lights being out on trails / paths

• Contractors are currently working at Bayfront and along Strachan

• Bike lanes in area being fixed and having indicators added (Work on John St bike lanes still to be done)

• A proposed committee meeting date is January 18, 2023

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

• Bill 23 has been passed by the Provincial Government

• Concern about bill increasing development in our neighbourhood

• Question raised about having our councillor join a meeting to discuss changes and implications for new development

• It is possible to join with other associations (if needed / wanted) to raise and address concerns as a larger group

• Everyone agrees and considers the pier as part of the northend

• How do we get the public / City to understand we are one

• There is currently a sign at the pier noting that children living in the new development my go to school outside of the community

• This maybe a formality / requirement for new developments

• Current community schools are scheduled for a usage review in 2030

• With the current development model how can new and additional homes be approved and produced faster

• Motion to invite Councillor & School trustees to upcoming Planning meeting to discuss connection of pier with neighbourhood and maintaining schools (Herman), Seconded (Maggie) – approved

Pier Development Website Presentation (Keith)

o New page added to NENA website to present current information

o To help provide current and factual information to people

o Allows people a chance to connect as there is often a lack of information given from the City

o It was discussed to allow people a change to review the page / information and provide comments before going live (email link)

o Concern raised about pier acceptance as a crusade of a few and not the overall position of the association

o Concern raised if a new vote should be taken to determine if the association is still in acceptance of pier / tower

o With an overall number of units being increased it may affect the size of units proposed for the tower

o In current climate the cost of units may prohibit families as preferred

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

• No changes to current account balance

Library & Community Update – Robert

• No new updates but willing to communicate / post local information

• Interest in having a library at the Discovery Centre, currently proposed for use as a sales centre for pier development

• Social media and outreach done jointly by Annabel, Sarah and Deborah

Other Business / Updates

• Board members are to prepare a job outline of roles / responsibilities for future use and help interested people understand positions

• Motion to keep existing Board into new year as roles / responsibilities are developed with possible future discussion or transitions if interest shown (Andrew), seconded (Kathy) – approved

• St. Lawrence Church holding winter bake sale and looking for donation of baked goods and volunteers

• The Breeze is looing for volunteers for everything from deliveries and writers


• Motion to close meeting (Andrew), seconded (Herman) – approved

Next Meeting

• January 4, 2023 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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