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March Meeting Minutes

NENa Zoom Meeting. March 2nd 2022, 7:00 PM

Andrew Robinson (President) opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Environmental Committee Update - Jon Davy

  • Maybe a neighbourhood clean up of garbage once the snow melts.

  • Jamesville - The exterior trees have not been removed yet so maybe there is a chance they will stay. Jon was going to email the developer.

Planning/Traffic Committee Update - Herman Turkstra

  • NENa is having a very good impact as a group on the development process.

  • Pier 8 - The city of Hamilton hosted a public meeting to discuss the 45 storey building on February 15th

  • There seemed to be a lack of knowledge from some north end residents why NENa would support the building

  • There was an idea to reach out to the people on Guise that had a petition against the tall building to give them some information. If anyone knew people personally that would be a good way to introduce the idea.

  • Essentially a 45 storey building will reduce density as well as increase the number of 2 and 3 bedroom units which would appeal more to families.

  • The total number of units will remain the same. Slightly more than 1600 units.

  • There was discussion about incorporating proper wording to relieve concerns about a 45 storey building being a “Slippery Slope” to more tall buildings.

  • If we want the Pier 8 development to be more family friendly then there needs to be more family friends amenities such as a playroom for children in the condo building and other amenities around it such as a daycare and library.

  • How binding are the terms of settlement with the developer? The terms are in the decision of the Land Tribunal and the settlement will definitely be enforced.

Sunset Garden

  • The city of Hamilton sent the Planning committee a Cease and Desist order for putting signs on public property. The planning committee sent a letter back saying they have the right to a gentle peaceful protest. The city representatives will take it to council.

  • There was an idea of car wraps for vans in support of Sunset Garden put forth.

  • It was brought up that the money from the sale of Sunset Garden will be used for subsidized housing.

  • It was then pointed out that other parks in the city could be sold for subsidized housing and that no affordable housing will go on Sunset Garden.

Financial Update - Curtis Biehler

  • No update. We are waiting for the Grant money to be mailed to us.

Community Engagement Update.

Other Business:

  • Happy Ash Wednesday

  • March 13th daylight savings

  • March 11th Gage Park Bulb festival

  • Presto cards for kids to get free public transportation

  • Shawn Selway, a long time stalwart or NENa and friend to many people passed away.

  • Condolences to Sheri and her entire family on their loss.

  • Dog Park - Survey of where it should go on the city website.

Next Meeting Wed. April 6th/2022 at 6:30 PM.

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