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December – NENA Meeting Minutes

Nena Monthly Meetings

December 1, 2021


Online via Zoom

1. Welcome – Andrew Robinson

2. Accept November Meeting Minutes as per on the NENA website

a. Approved: Andrew Robinson

b. Second: Herman Turkstra

c. Carried: 13-0

3. Environment Committee Update

a. Last month three motions re: Bayfront Park were passed (traffic calming, HSR route to parking lot, Electrification for food trucks). Jason Farr put a motion through council, and they are going to staff for study

4. Planning Committee Update

a. Jamesville

i. Submissions have been published and NENA subcommittee has reviewed and prepared a draft report. Draft report is available on the NENA website

ii. Kathy Renwald requested that membership be advised of planning meetings that include staff, etc.

b. Pier 8

i. Block 16 is ready for review and available on city website

c. Sunset Gardens

i. Lawn signs are available. Contact Sheri Selway. Information on NENA website

d. Encampment on Strachan

i. Advised that police are not arresting residents; social workers are helping people move

ii. Opportunity for police officer to attend a future NENA meeting

5. Financial Update

a. Bank account balance: $612.70

b. We will need to plan for Breezes community fee – approx. $450

6. Library Update

a. Waterfront Trust Building suggested as a possible location for a Hamilton Museum. This could pair well with a library in the same location

7. Community Update

a. Sarah advised if you need to get the word out through NENA’s website or social media, let her know. It usually takes about a day to get things up

b. Welcome Inn Fundraiser “Dare to Double”. Can donate on the Welcome Inn website

c. Reminder about NENA’s Online store. Ideas for collaboration should be shared

d. Website has had over 300 views in the last 30 days. People are looking at the Save the Park page

8. New Business

a. 50 50 draw at St. Lawrence Park. Purchase tickets until Dec 19

b. Santa Claus parade will be coming through the North End on Monday, Dec 6

9. Board Elections

a. Discussion to continue with same board/volunteers’ roles, with the exception of Sarah stepping back

b. Motion made by Robert: That the current Board of NENA continues for another year.

i. Second: Sarah

ii. Carried: 15-0

10. Close Meeting

a. Motion by Andrew to close meeting at 8:06pm

b. Second: Sarah

c. Carried: 15-0

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