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NENA May Minutes

Date: May 5, 2021

Number of people in attendance: 20

  1. Open - Andrew opened with announcements

  2. Approve Minutes as read from last meeting Motion made by: Annabel Second: Andrew Carried 20 - 0

  3. Environment Committee - Jon

    1. No Update

  4. Planning and Traffic Committee - Herman

    1. 600 James St. N

      1. Tribunal passed a 9-storey building

      2. Document available for review - please email Herman Turkstra

    2. Pier 8 - No Update

    3. JVN Project - In mediation and paused until June 18. 2021

    4. Jamesville - No Update

    5. Severance application in the North End was turned down

    6. Official Plan amendment for James St. - No Update

    7. Traffic monitoring is done and/or underway

      1. Question - How can the traffic study be accurate if captured in the middle of a pandemic?

    8. Next Planning & Traffic Committee Meeting is the 3rd week of May

  5. Financial Update - Curtis

    1. No transactions

    2. We have $670.58 in the bank

    3. Cost us $3/month

    4. Question: Can you ask the bank to drop the fee Answer by treasurer: Already tried and the answer is "No"

  6. Community Engagement - Sarah

    1. Vaccinations available to the North End as we are designated a hotspot in Hamilton

    2. NextDoor - New neighbourhood social media platform

      1. Annabel posted the May meeting on it and we got good return

    3. FreeCycle

      1. A neighbour to neighbour tool to get rid of free items

  7. Library Committee - Robert

    1. Library Board is discussing with the city about the use of the Waterfront Trust building

  8. New Business

    1. Pier 5-7 - possible held up by an Indian Treaty disbute - article found in the Hamilton Spectator on April 27

    2. Vandalism Update

      1. Kathy send a request to the police

      2. Vandalism is currently under investigations

      3. We are still in the beat book to have a police presence on the street

      4. People have been checking car doors lately

  9. Next Meeting - June 2nd @ 7pm Motion to Close the meeting - Sarah Seconded: Annabel Carried: 20 - 0

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