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NENA – General Association Meeting - February 7, 2024

Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2024

Attendance – 8 Guest

(Meeting held on Zoom)


  • Andrew Robinson (President) welcomed everyone and outlined guidelines

  • Review of past minutes

  • Motion of acceptance (Andrew), seconded (Kathy) - Approved

Environmental Committee Update / Discussion – Jon (Chair)

  • Committee trying to coordinate meeting with CN, Cameron K and City planning to discuss issues / solutions

  • Friday (March 9) is Hamilton – Bike to Work day

Planning & Traffic Committee Update / Discussion – Herman (Chair)

  • No meeting in January

  • An appeal has been launched regarding the Pier 8 development

  • If the tower height is decreased the other buildings will / could grow in height to maintain the approved unit numbers

  • Projects in the northend and City are on hold until the market cools

  • House under construction on Ferrie St being demolished by the City because developer didn’t meet order to comply

Financial Update – Curtis (Chair)

  • Starting balance $1,960.91 (grants, donations & existing balance)

  • Expenses $937.40 (donations, website hosting, Breeze & bank fees)

  • Going forward $1,023.51

Community Engagement Update

  • No new update regarding community engagement

Library Update

  • No new update regarding the Library

Other Business / Updates

  • Not enough people present to discuss / vote on Board positions, will approach the issue again at the next meeting

  • Is there a way to get people more involved in meetings / NENA to have more opinions and greater community involvement

  • If issues are known “hot topics” could be part of email blast

  • Facebook has great reach look at getting notifications posted earlier

  • Hybrid options for meetings are to be explored by Herman & Robert

  • If returning to in-person possible site are Macassa Yacht Club (member?), Bennetto

  • Recreation Centre or Discovery Centre

  • Engage Hamilton is hosting a discussion about re-imagining neighbourhood and building types

  • Residents have noticed and increase in people knocking / testing doors

  • List of current concerns noted by residents

    • Traffic

    • Development / building

    • Pedestrian access

    • Crime

  • Minutes to have better record keeping for voting for / against and note the number of guest attending each meeting

  • Can our twitter be more active and who has access for posting

  • After the City declaring a climate emergency a lot of paving has been approved / installed at the Pier - more than rendering

  • NENA to reach out to City (Chris Philips) for join upcoming meeting and provide and update on Pier development


  • Motion to close meeting (Andrew), seconded (Kathy) – approved

Next Meeting

  • March 6, 2024 at 7:00pm through Zoom

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