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June Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2021

  1. Andrew Opened with announcement and procedures

  2. Review of Past Meeting Minutes Motion: Andrew Second: Kathy Carried: 10 - 0

  3. Environment Committee - Jon

  4. Noticing a trend that the CN locomotives are being shut off at the train yard after much complaint which is positive. If you continue to notice a problem please tweet our federal MPs as the rail lines are federal jurisdiction.

  5. Q: Are the water fountains at Bayfront going to be turned on? Water bottle stations are on, but not water fountains? Is there a way that the environment committee can ask that the water fountains be turned on or water bottle filling stations be installed.

  6. Q: Has anyone contacted the lady who is handing our flyers about trees? Action: Sherri is going to contact her

  7. Planning and Traffic Committee - Herman

  8. JVN

  9. In camera meeting next week

  10. Report will be provided at the next planning & traffic committee meeting

  11. Jamesville

  12. Going to hold a public meeting on June 15, 2021

  13. NENA will make a recommendation to support the Jamesville project after the public meeting

  14. Friendship Garden (Bay & Strachan)

  15. Sold to same developers as Jamesville

  16. Decision about the property was sent to the Public Works committee on May 31, but the decision about the property was deferred to July

  17. 600 James St. N

  18. Motion to review the decision for the 9-story building is in process

  19. Parking at Bayfront Park has become an increasing issue as people have discovered it due to the pandemic

  20. Where are we at with a parking solution for the new promenade?

  21. Where is everyone parking for Pier 6&7?

  22. Maybe people should take a bus or bike?

  23. Is there still a plan for a parking garage by lender's park with green space above it?

  24. Financial Update - No update

  25. Community Engagement Committee - Sarah

  26. North Ender of the Year Award coming in June in participation with the North End Breezes

  27. Please connect with us on Social Media

  28. Library Committee - No Update

  29. New Business

  30. Eastwood Park Splash Pad Survey

  31. Jamesville Open House - June 15, 2021

  32. NENA has talked to Jason Farr about re-opening the Bennetto Centre

  33. Green Venture - Miranda

  34. NATURhoods is a program empowering residents to slow water down and soak it up on their property while providing beautification, home to pollinators, places to gather, flood protection, and so much more. Here's a link to the presentation. If residents are looking for inspiration on what they can do on their own property, send them to our Virtual Green Infrastructure Tour. These are the types of projects we are hoping to grow in our community. Next steps will be a Design Workshop that is slated for the end of June / early July. I will send you the link once registration is live!

  35. Support for our community to get vaccinated

  36. The Welcome Inn will help people book appointments

  37. Can the engagement committee help advertise?

  38. CarShare - New location possibility at Bennetto Centre - Jon is going to inquire

  39. Next Meeting - July 7, 2021

  40. Close meeting Motion: Andrew Seconded: Robert Carried: 10 - 0

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